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Grey Willow Team

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Lawrence F. Archambault

Founder/ Owner Grey Willow Studios EST 2017



Cyril "Chuck" Archambault

Studio Manager, Director and Producer


Xavier L. Archambault

Chief Engineer / Tech

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Ray Taken Alive

Studio Translation, Director and Producer


Breanne Luger



Dallas Nelson

Studio Translation, Director and Producer



ADR stands for Automated Dialogue Replacement.  In some circles it is referred to as Additional Dialogue Replacement.  Both describe the same general procedure, recording dialogue in a controlled studio environment after the shoot has been done, usually once the piece has been edited.

The ADR meaning in film is also referred to as “looping”, where the actor will record multiple attempts against a loop of film to get the performance just right, looping over and over that section until a good take is achieved.  ADR is a broad term that includes replacing lip synced lines or when the timing of the line is very generalized, like in a crowd or busy room.

We had a chance to sit and work with the legends behind the most famous movies you have seen. Doc Kane is an American sound engineer.  He has been nominated for four Academy Awards in the category Best Sound, and won Best Sound Editing at the 77th Academy Awards for The Incredibles. He has worked on nearly 500 films since 1984 the main Disney Sound Engineer, after our sessions Mr. Kane said "You boys are Ready" boosting our confidence and how we implement our training sessions with him today. Bringing home our knowledge to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation and teaching what we learned in the ADR/Film world to the younger generations "By Natives, For Natives" is our philosophy when we get opportunities such as this.  

We also have had training with Scott Hinckley, Brett Voss, Disney Studios. Dan Farquharson, Nova  of Deluxe Studios 



"Let us put our minds together and see what we can make for our childern" 

Sitting Bull

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